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Fitness Fame & Fortune

Feb 23, 2021

Having won 29 pro shows over an impressive 25+ year career, Dexter Jackson has won every pro bodybuilding title in the world, except for the Arnold Classic Brazil, which he probably would have won had Covid not canceled the show. Dexter is, without a doubt, the winningest bodybuilder to ever have lived. Find out how he...

Feb 9, 2021

Doug Miller talks with Rich Gaspari and John Romano about the supplement store / supplement brand empire created by one of the hardest working men in bodybuilding. Can someone working 80 hours a week at a high stress, haigh demand, job not only build a championship physique, but also a thriving business? For those...

Feb 1, 2021

Ever wonder who invented spray tanning? ever wonder how much money you can make off such an endeavor? Check out this week's interview with ProTan founder and CEO, Stacy Kaufman.