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Fitness Fame & Fortune

Dec 11, 2020

Rich Gaspari and John Romano give the inside company process on how Gaspari launches a new product online. Creative process have their challenges and you have to roll with them to end up realizing what you envision. Anything is possible. This is how Gaspari does it and it can serve as a model for your product or service.

Nov 20, 2020

Olympia President, Dan Solomon tells Rich Gaspari and John Romano why he had no choice but to leave Las Vegas and take the Olympia to Orlando. This is the first formal interview since the move. Get all the details here!

Nov 3, 2020

IFBB superstar Branch Warren is this week's guest on Fitness Fame & Fortune. From successful businesses in shipping, logistics, bodybuilding and beef jerky, Branch shares some great stories and sage insight in running a successful fitness related business.

Oct 17, 2020

Andy Frisella sits down with Rich Gaspari and John Romano and discuss business, life, hard work, kids, and what it takes to get up and keep moving the ball down the field.

(We're sorry for the horrible sound quality in parts of the show. The problem has since been rectified. WE sincerely appreciate you putting up with...

Oct 9, 2020

Before the term "podcast" even evolved, Carl Lanore was posting shows by the truck load. About to complete 15 years on the air, Super Human Radio is the longest running health and fitness podcast in the industry. Find out what it takes to make a podcast successful bty the master himself. Anyone who wants to...